Have you ever felt someone was intentionally trying to make your life miserable? Did the
bully seem to enjoy having power over you?
In BFFs: Best Friends Forever, follow Jennifer Alley through middle
and high school to adulthood,as Ryan and Seth, "the cool guys" at her
school, make her their target. Learn strategies with Jennifer about how
to stand up to bullying and rise above it.

Author Jennifer Calvert, school counselor for over twenty years, wants
students and parents to know that, with some human intervention and
divine help, you can make it through the tough times in life. Like
Jennifer in the story, BFFs: Best Friends Forever, you can regain the
power over your own life and be successful.

"Mrs. Calvert with her years of experience in working with students in
counseling, being a role model as a wife, mother, and teacher,
challenges all of us to do our part in taking the stress of "Bullying" out
of our kids' lives and out of our schools. Hold it! Do not put this book back on the shelf!
Reading it will allow you and this wonderful story to become Best Friends Forever!" -

                                                                                       Pastor and Author, Larry M. Heath
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